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46V color is a new technology with many outstanding properties. Let's see what color 46V is different from other red colors

46V Red - Soul Red Crystal was born in 2016 after many years of research and experimentation. The 46V color stands out with the red, vivid and attractive colors than the previous red ones. Color of Soul Red Crystal is very high in production and repair techniques, so to bring red Soul Red Crystal to market is a huge determination of Mazda. The characteristics of red 46V.

46V color saturation increased by 20%

When we look at the car, we not only see a monochromatic red, but also there are many different shades of red, creating a moving effect. This factor is also the core principle in Mazda's KODO design.

Imagine, when you look at your car, the color is uniform but there is movement when you look at a red apple, it's really amazing.

46V color depth increased by 50%

Red Soul Red Crystal has a very deep transparency and depth compared to the previous color technology. With new grain color components, along with new paint technology has created a special effect for Mazda's 46V red.

Mazda's special paint technology

In the past, to ensure a nice and uniform paint, the only method was manual painting. However, with Takuminuri paint technology, Mazda uses robots that still yield quality as artisans. This helps Mazda put 46V color into better production.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online