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Water-based paints have differences and difficulties compared to oil-based paints. What do technicians need to know when spraying water-based paints

Why convert from oil-based paints to water-based paints
Water-based paints are the development and inevitable substitute for oil-based paints. In developed countries, water-based paints have completely replaced oil-based paints in automotive repair processes.
We have 3 important causes for this transition:

  • Environmental protection: Water-based paints help reduce 90% of VOC emissions into the environment.
  • Protecting technician health: automotive paint industry has always been considered a hazardous industry, technicians work with anxiety for health. However, when using water-based paints, automotive painting techniques can clearly feel the change in health during work.
  • Spray paint on vehicles with less errors in the process of spraying, the color after stable spraying helps technicians work better.

Process of automotive water-based paint
The overall process of water-based paint and oil-based paint in automotive repair paint is the same.

Differences in color injection process:
- Oil based paints: spray paint and wait for natural drying
- Water-based paint: after spraying paint, blow off to dry
Note some advantages of water-based paint in the spraying process:

  • Better coating of oil based paint
  • Silver water-based paint particles arranged well, creating a more evenly painted face.
  • Spraying water-based paint is not too dependent on the skills of paint technicians.

Equipment used in automotive water-based paints
The set of water-based paint equipment has some differences in the spraying process:

  • Paint spray gun: has a large spreading because of the higher density water-based paint, and the gun-making material has good resistance to rust.
  • Spraying room: the dust treatment of paint room for water-based paint should be treated with absolute dust and steam than oil-based paint. In addition to cleaning, treating ceiling and sieve filters, the steam system needs to add 3-level filters.
  • Air blowing gun: this is a must-have device in the process of spraying water-based paints.

Other devices are still like oil based paints, not much difference.
The difference of old and new water-based paint technology
Painting water corner has been used in Vietnam for a long time, but it is not favored by many technicians because there are still many bad features such as:

  • Wet and dry colors are different.
  • Long spraying time.
  • Technology and facilities were still in short supply, so water-based paints created many errors.

However, Nippon's new water-based paint product, Nax E3 WB, was established in 2014 and solved many of these problems.

  • Dry and wet colors are not different.
  • The time of spray painting is shortened.
  • Fixing errors is also easier.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online