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The main components that make up the automotive paint spray gun
Screw adjust the amount of paint
Adjust the paint release from the paint sprayer by adjusting the needle travel. Loosening the adjusting screw increases the outlet flow, and tightening screws reduces the outlet flow.
Tightening the screw completely will completely seal the paint line.
Spiral adjustment screw
Adjust the shape of the paint trail. Loosen the screws to create an oval shape. Tighten the screws to create a more round paint pattern.
Oval paint is more suitable for spraying on large work areas. Circle paint is suitable for spraying on small work areas.
Screw tightening screws
Adjustable air pressure. Loosening the adjusting screw increases the pressure, and tightens the pressure. Tightening the screws completely will prevent the gas from running through.
If inadequate air pressure will reduce the fineness of the paint, if the air pressure is too high, many paint will go out of order, thus consuming a lot of paint.
Spray gun and spray nozzles
Spray gun to measure and direct paint from the gun to the gas stream.
Taper head is conical, when the needle contact with this cone, the paint does not flow through. As the paint escapes, the amount released depends on the opening of the gun tip when the needle moves against the gun tip.
In order to properly control the different types and viscosities for the required amount of paint off the gun head at different applied speeds, the gun head is made up of different sizes. The most common type of gun tip used in shiny paint is the 1.3mm type.
Because the gas cap, gun head and paint gun need to be affected by the quality of the paint and paint, they should be considered as a nozzle and should be considered before selecting a paint gun.
Gas cap
The air hose helps to tear the fine rays. The gas cap has the following pores. Each hole has a different function: the central hole, the air hole regulates the temperature of the paint and the air hole tears into a small beam, the central air hole creates a vacuum at the spray gun tip. The airflow control uses compressed air to reveal the shape of the paint.
The holes to paint the paint into small beams promote the dispersion of the paint into fine beams.
The trigger
Pulling the trigger triggered the gas and spray paint. The trigger is active in two phases, pulling the gun trigger slightly to open the valve, only the air is spewed out. Pull the trigger gun to open the paint gun, making the paint spray together with the air. This type of construction is designed so that the fine rays of the paint are stabilized when the coil is pulled.
Son Nguyen is the official distributor of Anest Iwata and Devilbiss. If you have any questions about spray guns please call us. Hotline: 0919 169 028

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online