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Car color correction gives the perfect color for the car after repair. Color mixing requires a great deal of skill, thinking and color perception. Let's take a look at some of the factors that need to be considered when mixing auto paint

What is auto paint color correction?

In automotive paint repair, color correction is a highly demanding experience and skill. When the automotive paint is exposed to weather, chemicals, ... make the gold color varied. Therefore, the paint supplier formula given in color code can not be the same as the actual color in the car. The work of the paint technician is to blend the original color to create the same color as the car.

What is the original color of automotive paint?

Original color is the color can be provided by the paint manufacturers for the workshop. From these original cans, the technicians will mix to give the most accurate color on the car. Each paint manufacturer will have the original color and different name color, the color difference is also relatively. For example: Nippon Nax Premila has 85 original colors, the name is composed of 5 characters - the first 2 letters and 3 digits.


Original car color is divided into 3 main groups of colors are Solid, Metalic and Mica

  • Solid: A color foam that is inorganic oxide particles such as TiO2 and other colored particles. Solid is monochromatic color. Solid is the easiest color to mix, but currently mostly used on trucks and taxis.
  • Metallic colors: Metallic colors that reflect light. Matalic is usually made of aluminum powder. When mixed with metalic need to look from three angles: 90o, 45o, 15o.
  • Mica Color: A color group that is capable of reflecting light but only partially because light can pass through the mica layer. When mixing the color Mica need to pay special attention to the background and also observed from many angles.

Several factors cause the car paint to deviate from the original color
Each color code is used by automotive manufacturers to produce the most beautiful and fashionable cars. This color code is registered intellectual property and unified in production worldwide. However, car color is often deviated from the original color usually comes from the following reasons:

  • Due to different weather conditions between vehicles
  • The paint is exposed to fading chemical substances
  • Technique of painting at the factory may be the difference between vehicles
  • Vehicles produced in other places have color deviations, ...
  • Vehicles repaired before and not

What is the color formula for cars?

Color formula is the formula table with the original color code and the corresponding volume should be mixed to give the most accurate color code car color. The basic car coloring formula usually has a total weight of 100g.

The basic work of color correction

Determine the color code on the car
Each vehicle will have its own color coding location. Normally, the color code will be on the side of the car, under the bonnet, under the eyebrows, ... Each car also has a name for the color formula. For example: Toyota usually has 3 letters consisting of letters and numbers, Honda usually has 5 characters ...


Find the color card table

The car paint shop always has a set of spray formula cards available. Technicians use color tags to compare directly on the car. If these color cards are accurate to the color of the vehicle, they can be added to the vehicle.


  • Note: When comparing colors, look at different angles and distances. Typical angles are: 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 15 degrees. Distance of 1 m and 3 m. When all angles are the same, they can be pinned and scaled to spray. If the card set does not have a color code to use, KTV needs to find the color formula on the software, excel file or color formula book depending on the paint supplier support.


Spray on the automotive paint sticker sheet

After choosing the color formula, KTV will weight the original color according to the formula. Then, KTV sprayed on the sample card to compare on the car.

Some notes on the test plate:

  • Setup specifications when spraying completely when sprayed on the vehicle.
  • Spray on a large enough plate for easy comparison.
  • The test strip should be sprayed just like the actual vehicle before spraying.

Make original paint color auto

After spraying and drying, KTV continued to compare the same step to determine the appropriate color. If color is not the same, KTV will add the original color ratio to give the most accurate color. Precise determination of the original color reduction rate relies heavily on the skill and thinking of the technician. Therefore, the paint suppliers need to transfer and fully support the skills needed to work in the automotive paint industry. Please contact Son Nguyen if you have trouble adjusting the color.


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