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Owning a car, getting a paint color or scratching is a very easy thing to do. So, you need to know the following factors to decide where to repair car paint

People often wonder if they should paint in the garage or paint in the car. However, that does not really matter. The quality you need to care about is the quality of service at the place of repair.
Quality paint
This is a factor that directly affects the quality of automotive paint. Nowadays, there are many different types of automotive paint with different quality. But I listed some internationally recognized paint brands: Nippon, Sikken, Dupont, Nexa. If you spray paint that does not guarantee quality on your car, after a period of contact with the environment paint will go down color and peeling.
Facilities where repairs
To ensure the quality of paint products, the requirements for material facilities are important. Some factors you need to pay attention to.
- Paint Room: helps to avoid dust during painting. At the same time, it helps the painting technician to feel comfortable while working.
- Sanding process: Dry sanding is an improved technology compared to conventional sanding, which helps surface to be processed faster and less error.
- Spray Gun: Ensure that the paint is sprayed smoothly and without any problems during painting.
Professional paint technician
This is hard to tell when you first paint. However, you can ask for a relationship to visit or experience after the repairs.
Car paint repairs
At present, the competition between the manufacturers and the garage is quite fierce leading to the price also no big difference. Some places are low cost because of the use of cheap materials to offset. This is not good for your car.
The Mind of the Counselor
Many brothers and sisters "hug" after repairing cars because of the advice you "cheated". Fooling here is the counseling overstands minor mistakes, or filling in the mistakes of the car. You need to pay attention to these things to avoid exasperation with yourself.
Currently, most of the firms are equipped with good infrastructure and use quality products but a little higher than the garage. You can consider to make the best decision.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online