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9 steps to clean and maintain the exterior of the car to keep it clean, avoid rust, frosted glass, damage the paint, ...

Cars are transportation vehicles on the road. Every day, cars have to deal with a lot of harmful agents such as: dust, dirt, harmful substances, sunshine and wind, etc. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of automotive exterior is an important task. important and should be done regularly. Some benefits of exterior cleaning and maintenance:

  • Help cars clean and beautiful like new.
  • Make sure the glass is not blurred.
  • Protect the paint from being destroyed by harmful substances from the environment.
  • Protect metal positions from rust ...

Remove alum
Body inspection: remember the locations of asphalt, glue, paint, resin, alum sites. Use compressed air to blow the leaves around the area under the windshield.

  • Cleaning and cleaning alum stains with 3M_PN38374 solution (ratio 1: 2).
  • Spray the water to clean up the stain and remove all dirt.
  • Note: Do not spray solution PN38374 directly onto the rearview mirror, steering glass, headlights.

Car wash
Car wash with 3M ratio 1:80 (for machine) and 1:60 (for hands) to clean all dirt and grease outside the car.
Required characteristics of car wash soap:

  • Does not contain phosphate.
  • Good foaming
  • Good grip
  • Do not harm your skin
  • Does not cause loss of gloss.

Remove paint and dust
Identify and clean the location with paint, dust and dust with 3M PN38070 clay on paint and glass.

  • The advantage of clay is to quickly remove paint and paint without scratching the paint or glass surface.
  • Coverage: leave the container dry, not soaked in water, not to fall into the sand.

Method of taking old paint dust (Using water sandpaper)

  • Causes scratching on the glass
  • Blurred when walking at night or reverse lights
  • Unprofessional
  • Take time.

Eraser asphalt, resin, glue, ...
Spray water to clean all soap and stains on the entire body according to the principle from high to low.

  • Dry the entire surface of the vehicle.
  • Identify and clean glue, asphalt and sap in vehicles with 3M PN08987 glue solution or PN08984.

Scan the solution to support tire, door, rubber

  • Cover and maintain the tires with 3M Tire Dressing PN38124.
  • Gloss and maintenance, lubricating rubber_PN08987
  • Products create true gloss, give natural blackness and not shiny, limit dust clogging when moving on the road.

Clean the paint ball

  • Quick polish spray bottle 3M Gloss Enhancer_PN39034LT
  • Used for shading the car paint. Process the entire paint surface for a short time.
  • Can be applied on wet or dry paint surfaces.
  • Creates high gloss, no stain after cleaning.

Glass cleaning

  • Clean the glass with 3M Glass Cleaner_PN08888
  • Help remove stains without affecting the glass surface.
  • Foaming products make it easier to stick on the glass and save more.
  • Do not leave streaks after cleaning.

Polished stainless steel details, chrome

  • Polish metal, stainless steel or chrome parts with chromium polishing solution.
  • The product helps to remove stains, smudges, leaks, etc. while reducing the surface scratches. Provides a shiny look for details.

Recover black plastic
Restores aging plastic details with a black plastic restoration solution of 3M Bondo restore black PN0800.

  • The product restores natural blackness to rubber plastic tiles.
  • Deep penetrating solution and recovery from inside for high durability.
  • Note: Rubbing 3000 before processing and shielding paint components adjacent to plastic parts during coating.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online