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Long-term unsanitary machine compartment will be clogged with dust and grease, leading to damage to plastic, rubber parts, etc. and heating the engine.

Why clean the machine compartment?

  • Clean dust for a long time.
  • Limit aging, rubber, pipe ..
  • Generate airy air for good cooling.
  • Get back the beauty of the engine compartment.
  • Help detect damaged locations that are normally difficult to identify.


  • Make sure the compartment is cool <50o C, cover important positions (ECU, fuse, sensor, battery poles ...) to prevent direct injection of water into electrical components.
  • Pressure water injection (using compressed air) cleans the dirt layer that adheres to the surface of the parts and edges of the machine compartment.
  • Using 3M Foam Engine Degreaser cleaning solution - PN08899 sprayed on the surface of heavy fouling caused by grease, dirt and soil.
  • Use a multi-purpose cleaning solution 3M All Purpose Cleaner_ PN38350 in a 1:10 ratio to spray on the remaining dirt.
  • Use scrubbing & combine multi-purpose cleaning solution to clean long-time stains at the edges.
  • Use pressure water to clean the entire pot again.
  • Use compressed air & towel to dry the entire machine compartment and surrounding area.
  • Use 3M Tire maintenance service and Engine Dressing - PN38124 spray on the surface of rubber, rubber and plastic parts for protection and maintenance.
  • Close the bonnet, detonate the vehicle in moderation mode for about 10 ~ 15 minutes.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online