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Car coating is the coating of a special solution on the surface of the car. This solution is usually young rubber to help protect the chassis from rust, dented distortion caused by rocks, ...

Why do you need coating paint on cars?
The environment in Vietnam poses a lot of disadvantages to the car's underbody. Every day going to the road, undercarriage is affected by splashing soil, asphalt, flood, heat, ...
Effect of roar coating

  • Protect undercarriage from oxidation and rust. This is an area affected by the environment but it is difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Protect details from deformation due to kicking or collision. The young rubber layer will help reduce the impact force and better protect the underbody,
  • People always say that the underlay paint is noise-proof. However, that was not the effect of roaring. The young rubber layer of the undercoat paint only reduces the noise caused by stones hitting the metal surface.

Car coating process
Remove the details under the car
Remove parts that do not need roar such as plastic or corrugated iron covers, etc.
Prepare the surface
Wash the entire surface under cover. It should be done 2-3 times to ensure the surface does not adhere to dirt, glue, asphalt. It is best to wash with solutions PN38350 and PN 08987.
Surface drying
Use compressed air and 3M towels to dry the rooftop.
Surface inspection
Check the whole chassis. If oily, use grease degreasing solution PN 08987 to remove grease. If rust, use P180 to remove rust. Then use PN 08987 solution to clean the surface again.
Cover the surface

  • Use masking tape at opened locations such as nuts, rubber, threaded holes and uncovered locations.
  • Use plastic cover around the car.

Preparing instruments

  • Check gun: check vents on gun cap, check thread.
  • Steam pressure adjustment: 40 - 60 psi (2.8 - 4.2 kg / cm3)
  • Evenly roast the coating solution then attach to the spray gun.

Advancing under cover

  • Use a spray gun to spray the areas.
  • To save fuel and perform faster, we proceed to spray in difficult positions first and then easy locations.
  • Spray 2-3 layers, each layer is 5 minutes apart.

Check after covering
For places that cannot be covered with guns, undercoating 08883 can be used to cover the chassis to increase the finishing after coating.

Clean tools
Using gun cleaning solvent:

  • Cleaning outside
  • Clean the vents and threads on the gun cap.

Some questions about car cover
Should covered under the new car purchase?
Covering the underbody at the time of purchase will give the best protection for your underbody. At this time, the surface of the chassis has not been affected by the environment causing rust, with the best adhesion.
Coating prices for cars?
The price of car coating on the market today is quite diverse. The price depends on the quality of the covered products, the surface area of ​​the car, the quality of service of the garage, ...
The average price of paint coating on the market for 5-seater cars is 2.5-3 million / unit. Undercarriage price for 7-seater cars is about 3.5 - 5 million.
Paint quality car chassis
Currently, on the market there are often many brands of car coating such as: Wurth, Liqui Moly, ...
Especially 3M paint coating, leading brand of the United States. Covered with 3M is a water-based product that meets the standards of developed countries. In addition, the product has good protection, anti-rust, and high coverage.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online