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Nippon's industrial paint provides all the necessary paints for use in industry such as paints, acids, heat insulation, etc.

What is the definition of industrial paint?

Industrial paint is a series of paint products used for beauty and surface protection in special applications such as: production line, heat resistant, acid,...

Some common industrial paint lines
Paints of natural dry industry

  • Alkyd paint: Natural dry paint system under the effect of air oxygen. In the drying process the double bonds in the plastic molecule are involved in the oxidation polymerization. The cured alkyd paint is usually catalyzed by metal salts such as Cobal, Manganese, Zirconium ...
  • Acrylic Thermoplastic Paints: The physical dry paint based on solvent evaporation.
  • 1K eboxy paint: a natural dry primer based on modified Epoxy resin. Used as a natural dry primer for a wide range of metal substrates, including: steel, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, copper.
  • CPO Paints: One component primer based on Chlorinated Polyolefin (CPO). Used as a primer for a wide range of resinous plastics such as polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA). Not used for Polyethylene (PE) and ABS.
  • PU paint: Two-component paint system based on Acrylic polyol and isocyanate. Used as a coating for a variety of materials due to its weather-resistant properties.
  • 2K Epoxy Coating: A two-component system based on Epox resins, cured by polyamine or polyamide. Used as a primer for steel, aluminum and zinc surfaces. Can be used as a primer for paint systems. Epoxy 2K is resistant to corrosion, chemical resistance, good solvent, but poor weather resistance
  • Acid Curing: is a system of chemical curing at normal temperatures by acid catalysis

Industrial paints need drying

  • Acrylic Melamine: is a chemical curing system at a temperature of 150 ° C based on Acrylic, Thermite and Melamine.
  • Alkyd melamine paint: A chemical curing system at 150oC based on Short oil
  • alkyds and melamine.
  • 1K Epoxy Coating: Chemical curing system at 150oC based on modified Epoxy resin.

Some common background materials in industrial paints

  • Steel: commonly used in industry. Steel is easy to paint but also susceptible to corrosion.
  • Other metals: various materials, difficult to paint. Aluminum substrate should be treated with a phosphate or non-chromate pretreatment.
  • ABS resin: With good impact resistance and good toughness, ABS resins are widely used in the industry. ABS plastic material is easy to paint.
  • PC - PS: Plastic is a transparent, durable and hard plastic. PS resins are used in the electrical, advertisement, architecture, ... PC-PS resins are very sensitive to solvents, do not tolerate most organic solvents. Therefore, it is necessary to test on the details to be tested before use.
  • PP - PA: is plastic with high mechanical strength, quite hard, not flexible. PP - PA is difficult to paint.
  • Composite: Composite background is very diverse, need to determine the exact type of substrate before choosing the paint. Tested on the actual material before mass production.

Nippon provides all industrial paint products through Son Nguyen. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online