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Some of the main tools when mixing automotive paint
Color container
Among the metal cylinders or plastics used for painting, one-time polyethylene is widely used today.
Chopsticks for stirring paint
Chopsticks made of metal or plastic, used to stir matit, primer or top coat (paint). Some of the stirrers have broken lines, it is very convenient to measure the curing agent properly. Teflon chopsticks are easy to use because the paint does not stick to it and is easy to clean after use.
The tool is very convenient for mixing and spilling paint. Resins, solvents and pigments in the paint are separated after blending because they have a different gravity. Consequently, the paint is applied evenly before use. A manual rotary stirrer has a rotary handle on each stirrer, or an electrically driven series driven by an electric motor.
Electronic scale
The scale is used to weigh the paint, helping to calculate the proper mixing ratio. For accurate coloring, there should be 0.1g increments.
Color formula
A table published by the paint manufacturer, which specifies the percentage of basic colors for the actual color number.
Car color tester
A thin tin plate, magnetic plate or paper card is used for spray paint to test the color.
Drying Furnace
A fast drying machine that speeds up drying.
Lamp used for color mixing
A lamp has all the steps that are almost like the sun, it can be used under the sun, at night when it rains.
If you need assistance with coloring your car, contact Son Nguyen.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online