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Iwata latest series- WIDER

The WIDER series is the latest product of the company Anest Iwata. The series had enhanced both physical appearance and internal mechanism compared to the previous models. This is the most advanced spraying gun that Anest Iwata has ever created from...

Interior care for cars- fast and easy

After a certain time of usage, your car's interior will be affected by objective and subjective compoenents: weather, environment (sweat, dust, humidity...), using habbit (smoking, food...).

Headlight Lens Restoration process

After a period of usage, and under the effect of the environment, dirt, impact will make the lens opaque, oxidized... reduce lighting ability and lose its former beauty. It also cause deflection and absorption of light, making the light spread with...

Car care during quarantine with 3M product set- realistic and easy

3M car care product set includes easy-to-use cleaning and maintenance products such as: deodorant and anti-bacteria, leather care, adhsive cleaner.

Why is frequent car AC cleaning necessary?

The car AC system when left untouched for too long could result in lower air conditioner performance and built-up dust. Regular interaction with this system could cause serious respiratory diseases and the comfort of passenger

Promotion is brimming when buying 3M car care products here at Son Nguyen

3M car care products have always provide users with satisfaction. This is why Son Nguyen is honored to present to you the optimal promotion for the favourited products.

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