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Waterbourne car painting- the painting process and things to keep in mind

The procedure of car painting using water base is ananlougous to that of solvent-based car painting with some minor difference. The process includes 8 steps and many more sub-steps during the process. Additionally there are some issues that...

Car paint easy or difficult, should you try at home?

Car paint is like human skin. Son does not affect the operation, speed of the car but is extremely important. The paint helps to protect the entire body of the car, rust, creating beauty and personality for the

How important is car topcoat coating?

Car coating is the coating of a special solution on the surface of the car. This solution is usually young rubber to help protect the chassis from rust, dented distortion caused by rocks, ...

Process of cleaning injectors for cars

Cleaning injectors helps the car to operate stably, not be inert and fuel consumption. After a period of use, gasoline injectors will be contaminated with impurities on the needle tip and the needle hole leading to congestion.

Cleaning and maintenance of automotive exterior - 9 steps to be taken

9 steps to clean and maintain the exterior of the car to keep it clean, avoid rust, frosted glass, damage the paint, ...

Cleaning the engine compartment - Steps to be taken

Long-term unsanitary machine compartment will be clogged with dust and grease, leading to damage to plastic, rubber parts, etc. and heating the engine.

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