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Why you need to switch to dry sanding

The dry sanding process brings a lot of benefits to the auto repair shop. Why are you still using the sanding process? What will support you in the transition?

Industrial paints and things to know

Nippon's industrial paint provides all the necessary paints for use in industry such as paints, acids, heat insulation, etc.

Training program of Finixa expert in Son Nguyen

The program guide the features of Finixa products to help Son Nguyen better resolve the needs of customers.

Nippon car paint color coding

What color codes are used in cars, how to use them

Lunar New Year Celebration 2018

Lunar New Year Celebration 2018 of Son Nguyen Company

Car Grooming Spray Or Gara?

Owning a car, getting a paint color or scratching is a very easy thing to do. So, you need to know the following factors to decide where to repair car paint

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