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What color codes are used in cars, how to use them

Car color correction is the original color mixing to get the car color as desired. Therefore, the original color palette is a very important factor in the color correction technique.

If the technician wants to be a good colorist, it is important to first understand the color coding used by the paint company.

Depending on the vendor, each unit has different colors and colors. What are the characteristics of Nippon?

  •     The number of original colors is diverse, easy to adjust. The total number of Nippon's original oil colors is: 85 original colors.
  •     Memorable characters, each of which is remembered in three digits from 001 to 904. We have some conventions:

+ MT 01 * to MT 03 * is silver color.

+ MT 05 * to MT 09 * is orange.

+ MT 1 ** is a solid white color

+ MT 2 ** is solid black color.

+ MT 3 ** is a solid gold color.

+ MT 4 ** is a solid orange color.

+ MT 5 ** is a solid red color.

+ MT 6 ** is solid dark brown color.

+ MT 7 ** is solid purple color.

+ MT 8 ** is solid blue color.

+ MT 9 ** is solid green color.

  •     In addition, Nippon also has some special color effects such as adjustable viewing angles for the particles to be arranged by the technician, such as FF151, FF 155.
  •     Nippon car paint is mixed with 7 binder - 3 colors so the price of paint is much cheaper than the color in the ratio 3:7.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online