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Cleaning injectors helps the car to operate stably, not be inert and fuel consumption. After a period of use, gasoline injectors will be contaminated with impurities on the needle tip and the needle hole leading to congestion.

Therefore, you should clean car injectors periodically every 20,000 km to ensure injectors always in good condition.

Why must clean gasoline injectors?

  • Clean the top of the piston, needle, needle hole.

  • Increasing the life of injectors.

  • Recovery of engine power.

  • Reduce fuel consumption.

  • The car operates smoothly and starts easily.

  • Reducing HC&CO emissions to help protect the environment.

Steps to cleaning the injectors for cars

Preparing instruments

  • Lock the fuel line valve.

  • Adjust the pressure gauge button to "0".

Stop pumping petrol

  • Open the fuel tank cap (to reduce the pressure in the tank).
  • Making gasoline pump stop working (interrupting lead line, relay, connector ...).

Connect injector cleaning tools

  • Remove the fuel supply hose from the rail.
  • Stop the petrol return line (For old ce models).
  • Connect the excavator piping to the rail (provide engine solution).

Attach cleaning solution of needles PN08956

  • Screw the screw cap into the tool connector and tighten the seal.
  • Hang the bottle upside down on the hood.
  • Open the valve on the scalpel.
  • Adjust the pressure of the meter 2.5 ~ 3 atm (pressure of engine in moderation).
  • Check for leaks of the contactor connector.

Exploding machine in moderation

  • Start the machine in moderation mode, about 20-25 minutes.
  • When out of the contact solution, close the valve on the injector cleaning pipe.

Complete inspection

  • Remove the wheel loader from the engine, install the main petrol line into the engine, restore the return oil line (if any) and pump gasoline.
  • Start the machine, check for leaks.

Some caution when cleaning injectors for cars

  • The liquid of cleaning the fox should be avoided to avoid contact with debris on the surface of paint, automobile plastic.
  • Should turn off the engine when signs of running out of sad cleaning solution, do not let the engine completely die due to running out of fuel.
  • Before removing any of the engine's fuel supply line, pay attention to the pressure that is in the piping. Carefully remove to reduce the pressure in the fuel line, and use a rag to soak up leaking fuel during operation.
  • Do not use a wrench to tighten the connector on the scalpel bottle.
  • Before connecting the condenser bottle to the pressure regulator, always make sure that the pressure regulator knob is always in the closed state.
  • Make sure that the injector cleaning bottle is hung upside down during contact.
  • The cleaning time depends on the size of the engine. If the engine is small 4 cylinders, the implementation time is 15-30 minutes / 1 bottle. For large V8 engines, the execution time is less than 10 minutes / 1 bottle, to ensure the efficiency of this type of engine, it is recommended to use 2 bottles for one contact to get the best results.
  • Technicians must adhere properly and be fully equipped with labor protection equipment during operation.

Note: Scoop bottles and excavator kits must be placed far away from moving parts of the engine, battery, or other parts with a temperature greater than 49oC

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online