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After more than a year of launching the project, Vinfast has launched its first models at the Paris Motor Show 2018. With strong and professional steps, Vinfast is resonating not only with the domestic market but Even with the big markets in the world.

The first two models of Vinfast are available on the market: LUX A2.0 and SA 2.0 with interesting information such as Italian design, BMW engine ... These show Vinfast is positioning two products. Its products belong to the luxury segment, equivalent to Vin Group's current position in the real estate, retail, ... According to experts, the price of these two models can range from 900 million to 1.5 billion.
But surely, this is the first step to create brand and belief for consumers. Vinfast is definitely preparing cheap products to meet the needs of the majority of consumers in the country.
Vinfast also has a strategic partnership with Chevrolet. With new models using engines linked to Chevrolet, Vinfast could launch cheaper cars and be the main target of Vinfast.
I hope Vinfast can break the current floor price of cars to bring cheap cars to consumers.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online