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Son Nguyen distributes all products that support 3M automotive repair and repair industry such as sandpaper, polish, spray coating, cleaning solution, ...

Son Nguyen Trading Investment Co., Ltd. signed a partnership with 3M Vietnam, becoming a distributor of products such as sandpaper, underlay spray, interior cleaning solution, ...
Becoming 3M's distributor, once again affirmed Son Nguyen's efforts to bring the best products and solutions to automotive repair and care industry.
3M is the leading multi-industry manufacturing group in the United States. After more than 100 years of development, 3M has developed technology in many fields such as industry, health, construction, electronics, car care, ... In the market providing materials for paint repair and care industry. Car, 3M is the leading brand in Vietnam.
3M cooperates with Son Nguyen with the desire to bring products in the paint industry to repair and take care of the car to customers in the most effective way. Son Nguyen has an experienced sales and technical team in the automotive field that will help 3M best support its customers.
Son Nguyen hopes to meet and solve the most difficult requests from customers. We always try our best to support automotive repair and care industry.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online