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1. How to hold paint spray gun

To stay stable without getting tired, you should maintain a comfortable position, not loose (shoulder to shoulder), elbows, and arms to hold the paint gun. Paintballs are generally held by thumb, forefinger and finger, while the trigger is pulled by the middle finger and the little finger.

2. Move guns
The distance between paint gun and painted surface (work)
If the paint is placed too close to the surface to be painted, larger amounts of paint will be sprayed to produce a thicker coating that will cause paint to flow. In contrast, if the paint gun is placed too far, the flow will be less and will produce thin paint and rough surface (rough).
The ideal distance is determined by the type of paint, paint gun and paint method used. However, normally a distance of 100-200mm is suitable for solid color spraying. Similarly, to achieve a uniform gloss, it is important to maintain a constant distance, even when painting uneven surfaces, as shown below.
3. Paint spraying angle
Spray angle is the angle between the gun and the paint surface. The spray gun must be placed perpendicular to the spray surface, including vertical and horizontal, in contrast, the paint surface will be uneven.
The position where you stand plays an important role in keeping spray guns perpendicular to the paint surface. As the gun moves along with your shoulder as a fulcrum, you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the gun opposite the center of the plate.
And your legs apart, a little wider than the shoulder width, slightly arched knees
Only use one when painting, so you have to move the body from one side to the other, taking your hips as the fulcrum.
4. Speed ​​of the journey
The speed of the paint spray gun is called the speed of the stroke. If the speed of the journey is low then the paint will thick, if the speed of the journey is high, the paint will thin. If the speed of travel is uneven, it will produce uneven paint. Cruising speed from 900 to 1200mm / s is suitable for general repair.
For good polish, it is important to observe the technique of using a good paint gun, such as the distance between the paint spray gun, the speed of the trip, and the amount of paint discharge. If there is no balance in the combination of the three factors, it may affect the quality of the paint. If one of these three factors is changed, the other factors must change accordingly.
5. Overlap
When the paint is sprayed out of the spray gun, it ejects the paint as shown on the right, creating a paint near the outer edges that are thinner than the center paint.
In order to achieve uniform coating, it is necessary to apply the paint evenly. Therefore, the superimposed overlap width is approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the streak.
It is important to provide good and uniform contours. Uneven unevenness creates uneven layer thickness and can cause paint failure.
Also, if you have to move gradually from the standing position to the squat position, you have to paint the gun downwards.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online