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Paint a car is a great job, especially for those who love color and beauty car. However, crafting work in the environment environment, which is we need to get.

Keep the workshop clean

The working environment always affects workers directly. The workshop is clean, ensuring the 5S criteria will help you work in a comfortable and productive spirit.

Cleaning is not just about cleaning, cleaning, but also arranging and arranging equipment.

Keeping the workshop clean also improves labor safety. Due to the amount of solvent, excess fabric, etc., it is possible that it may cause explosion.

Apply new processes and technologies

Paint technology develops day by day, but changing habits and applying new technologies is not easy.

New technology to increase productivity, improve safety for workers. For example: dry sanding, water-based paints, oxygen masks, etc. Each new study is a great achievement for scientists. But to apply to production in Vietnam still need a long time to adapt.

Stay up to date and find the best solutions to protect your health and improve the productivity of yourself and your workplace.

Use quality products

Currently there are about 20 brands to support the auto paint industry. Each product has its own advantages. However, many brothers choose the paint supplier by price, just cheap.

Cheap paint can help reduce cost, increase profitability and the painter's income. However, with that comes productivity and quality work is not guaranteed. Cheap car paint usually has a very high toxic content.

Consider before choosing the right product. If possible, choose water-based paints to protect yourself and the environment.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

To control 100% of the environment is unlikely. Therefore, you need to maintain a good lifestyle in order to strengthen the resistance and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Staying happy and optimistic: Emotions are a major factor in human illness. If good spirit, natural resistance will increase.
Sports Exercise: Daily work consumes a lot of energy. However, people should maintain intense physical activity at least 3 times a week to help the body filter out toxins better.
Limit cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. In addition to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, it also causes the body to absorb more powerful substances. It also poses a risk of fire and explosion in the solvent environment at the repair shop.

How, do not sell health for money. Every day we build new habits to better life. I wish the artist paint cars are more health and more money!

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online