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Designs, motives are elements that represent the level of a car. Paint is also one of the factors attracting the viewer's eyes in a car.

Here are five of the most beautiful paint colors of all time, according to Carbuzz's poll.
Gray Nardo Gray is a new color Audi "requisition" in recent years, but has created an unforgettable charm. When the German car for the first time launched model RS7, the car was wearing a gray coat "lovely gray" Suzuka Gray. The mysterious, cool, dark gray tone is often kept in the RS versions of the Audi RS7 and TT RS. But in the end, gray has become so popular that it can be seen everywhere, from BMW products to Porsche and even McLaren. Even the US car Ford did not give up when the "birth" of a gray color equivalent to the name Avalanche Gray. The advantages of gray are highlighted without being too ostentatious, and the gray Nardo Gray is definitely the subtle color of Audi.
The "invisible" color of carbon fiber
Sometimes in the walks of color, the moderation brings many values. If the vibrant colors look extremely prominent on the "supercar" supercar with the super car "super" cost several million dollars, requires ownership of something really different. make a mark. This is more or less related to the vehicle's specifications. However, the secret lies in the appearance of the car and one of the most perfect color for the hypercar line is ... not painted at all. It's like looking at a Koenigsegg for the first time in "flesh-and-bone", hardly anyone can resist the perfect exterior with bare carbon fiber. Under this "sheath" is the hand crafted carbon fiber handcraft. Unlike ordinary colors, a car with a carbon fiber body always makes a very personal appeal when it is adorned with a gloss finish.
It is unlikely that many people will forget Lamborghini's gorgeous yellow goblin. Gold is the color that attracts attention, just as Ferrari's hot red. Lamborghini itself has made dozens of different shades of yellow throughout the years and all these bright colors are eye-catching, accompanied by Italian names such as "Giallo" with Giallo Midas and Giallo Maggio recently. Many people say that if they choose Lamborghini, they will definitely aim for a yellow supercar.
The English green is also considered to be a classic symbol of color. Remember that when countries used racing colors in the early 1900s, Britain had no choice but to red, white and blue already belong to the United States, Germany and France. At that time, racing cars were also considered illegal in the UK and people were forced to organize in Ireland. To thank the Irish host, the cars attending the races were painted in green. In addition, the success of two of Britain's top luxury car brands, Bentley and Jaguar at the LeMans, further reinforces the view that dark green is the perfect color of any car. British origin and even many other car manufacturers such as BMW also chose this color as a "benchmark" when designing car paint.
Blue Rivera Blue is the copyright color of Porsche and at the same time optional color of Audi. And because Volkswagen took ownership of Audi and Porsche in hand so this does not seem to be difficult to understand. The cool blue sea is also a very popular color tone, when the comedian Porsche hand car Jerry Seinfeld has owned a blue car named 993 911. In addition, Porsche also created a Similar colors are called Miami Blue, and it seems that nothing can match the charm of this unique color.
However, colors only determine the quality of the coat. The paint coating is greatly influenced by the quality of the paint, which gives it a fresh, shiny and durable finish. So, when deciding on automotive paint, you need to choose the best paint supplier. Nippon is the best choice if you want to change clothes for your beloved car. Please contact us if you need advice on process and color in automotive paint.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online