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Sanding machines are widely used in all fields from construction to automotive paint, industrial, ...

Use sanding machine

Grinding machines for grinding materials help speed up work performance, avoid the loss of the technician. Sanding machines also help to handle small surfaces more easily.
Sort sanding machine
Single Impact Grinder: The grinding wheel rotates around a fixed point. Often used for grinding paint, large grinding.
Orbital Impact Grinder: Sharp grinding wheels vibrate as if drawing on small circles. Used to grind matit, small grinding.
Double Impact Grinder: The vibrating grinding wheel draws on small circles and rotates around its center. The type of shoe is used for maturing, smoothing the surface and softening the surface. Medium grinding.
Hand Grinder: The hand grinder has many different shapes and sizes. The selection of grinding wheels depends on the preferences of the painters.

Take note when using sanding machine

  • Determine the type of grinder to suit different surfaces.
  • Use abrasives when grinding angles, for use with abrasive sandpaper.
  • Do not grip your hands when sanding.
  • Adjust the speed when sanding, the faster the speed, the faster sanding.
  • Equip the machine with enough capacity to sand.
  • Ensure safety during sanding.
Please contact us for a free consultation when you need information about sanding machine.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online