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Car paint technology has created many new paint in recent years. However, I will introduce three of the most used paints in the auto repair industry: self-shadowing paint, glossy paint and matte paint.

Self-Shadow Automotive
  • Automotive paint is a layer of paint, after surface treatment, you just spray a layer of paint.
  • The paint itself is soft, easy to fade after exposure to air and sunlight.
  • This line is only used in solid colors, not for metallic colors. Paint is not polished.
  • Paint has the advantage of cheap, reduce the time of construction, easy to use.
  • Self-ball paint is used mainly for cars with no emphasis on beauty such as truck, farm car, ...
Shadow Coating
  • The paint consists of 2 parts: paint and paint.
  • The gloss finish enhances the transparency of the paint while protecting the interior paint from being exposed to the outside environment.
  • For metallic colors, we have to use a glossy coating to protect the metal particles in color.
  • Currently, paint manufacturers research and produce a wide range of varnishes to suit different needs. Nippon has some kinds of gloss paint such as: 686, 9600, 9800, 9905, ...
Matte Paint
  • Matte paint is still a kind of glossy coating. However, the matte finish is a special ingredient that helps to coat the matte finish.
  • Matte paint helps clean the face and has a more special effect, but the price of the paint is higher than the gloss paint pretty much.
  • The maintenance of the matte paint only needs light hand wiping, not using other equipment and machinery.
  • Do not polish on the matte surface.
In addition, the car paint industry has many other paint such as croom paint, 3D paint, ... If you need advice, contact the paint supplier Son Nguyen for free consultation. Hotline: 0919169028.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online