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Son Nguyen introduced two reasons leading to the change of paint color during the paint repair car
Color change by drying
The paint will change color when it dries. Wet paint has a good mix of heavier dyes that will move down the bottom of the paint when it is dry and a lighter shade will move to the surface. Therefore, although the paint color may appear as the original paint color when spraying, the color will be different when it is dry.
For example, if the two blue and white basic colors blend together, the green substance is lighter than the white one, it will move upward on the surface through the dryer. As a result, the dry paint will be darker green than the wet paint.
Colors change when polished
Some paints change their color when they are polished after drying. This is because the paint has a slightly lighter shade that will be polished when polishing.
To achieve the purpose of coloring, the test panels of these paints have to be dried and polished before they are ready for color correction.

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online