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The dry sanding process brings a lot of benefits to the auto repair shop. Why are you still using the sanding process? What will support you in the transition?

Sanding process is important and takes a lot of time in automotive paint. Abrasive has three main tasks: grinding paint, matit grinding, grinding primer. In each job is divided into several steps with the steps from P80 to P600.

Dry sanding process

  • Old paint grinding: grinding all the paint is peeling and if it is crushed after milling. Use single impact grinder and P80 sandpaper.
  • Sharpening and grinding: Use double impact grinder and P120-P240 sandpaper to grind the area to be repaired.
  • Matte grinding smoothes and recreates the shape: the use of orbital impact grinding and sandpaper from P80 - P180. Then grind the entire P240 - P320 with a minimum width of 10cm. In the sanding process, carbon carbon powder is required to determine the flatness and detecting holes.
  • Surface Primer: Using dual impact grinder with intermediate and sanding inserts from P400 - P1000.

Why not switch to dry sanding?

We can see that the dry sanding process is far more profitable than wet sanding, but why many workshops have not yet converted. We have two main causes:

  • Technicians do not want to change the process that has been attached since the day of apprenticeship.
  • Expenses for investment in equipment for conversion. In order to carry out the dry sanding process, the repair shop needs to invest in a vacuum cleaner locally costing over VND 27 million and a standardized steam pump.

Recognizing that difficulties, Son Nguyen will support repair shops to improve service, bring good profit and improve the working environment of technicians.

  • Son Nguyen will provide technical assistance, training technicians to optimize the dry sanding process and all paint repair procedures.
  • Son Nguyen offers discounts on local vacuum cleaner equipment for any unit really want.

Please contact us for best advice. Hotline: 0919169028

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app game bài online-Các game đánh bài online